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Friday, 6 December 2019

Government announces, 20% waiting list For LRD candidates.

Government announces, 20% waiting list For LRD candidates.

Gandhinagar: The result of the LRD examination has declared the result of the debt, however, the government has left the announcement of all the candidates, the government has announced the annual anniversary, the Home Minister  Pradeepsinh Jadeja said that the LRD Weighting list will be done by 20%, so if the candidate will not accept the job, if 20% of candidates will be able to get a job in their place, so the waiting was held in the list, and again recruited, it was recruited again. Many candidates who will increase the listing now. Will take advantage of it.

Pradeepsinh Singh Jadeja said that 8135 candidates have been given to the appointment of the opening of the classic and the 1578 general classic candidates, the government's praise, said that the government has employed 1 million people in the last 5 years, in which the Homewrit has recruited 67 thousand employees in the last 11 years. And next time the number of thousands of people will be recruited in the year 11. The note that the non-discipline in the classroom class, the Protorinas Mahali, accused of Congress, accused of Candress, he is providing the candidates, he said that the government has created a seat for the investigation, there is no meaning to continue the movement, the Candress has been conducting the conductor using Congress, the other hand is still running in the Gandhinagar.

Government announces, 20% waiting list For LRD candidates.

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