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Sunday, 19 July 2020

What is the biggest decision taken regarding Pan-Masala in Gujarat? Know what decision the association took?

What is the biggest decision taken regarding Pan-Masala in Gujarat? Know what decision the association took?

Corona is being seen all over Gujarat and the number of positive cases is increasing day by day and the Gujarat government has taken an important decision. Gujarat Pan-Masala Shop Owners Association has taken an important decision regarding Pan-Masala. From now on, there will be no mash or funky at the pan-masala shop, only parcels will be available.
The Gujarat Pan-Mamala Shop Owners Association has now taken an important decision to prevent the transmission of corona. From now on only parcels will be available at Pan Parlor. From now on, pan-masala or funki will not be made available in shops.

Importantly, the Gujarat government had issued a notification a few days back stating strict rules on spitting in public. The government will impose a fine of Rs 10,000 for spitting outside a pan parlor or in public.

From today, only parcels will be available at Pan-Masala shop in Gujarat. The Pan-Masala Shop Honors Association has taken this decision due to the increasing transition to corona. Not making masala on the street will also solve issues like crowd, social distance, spitting of pan-masala.
The collector has banned the opening of panna-galla and tea kettles in Jamnagar and Dhrol from today till July 26. In view of the increasing prevalence of corona in the district, the district collector issued a notification and ordered the closure.

An important decision has been taken by the Amreli district administration in view of the increasing transition to Corona. In Amreli urban area, the collector has issued a notification to keep tea-snack lorries and pan masala shops completely closed from July 20 to 25. Merchants wishing to start after July 25 will have to obtain a mandatory health card. Collector Ayush has taken one more important decision after reopening the OK Chavand checkpost.

The fine for spitting in public in the city on July 13 has been increased from Rs 200 to Rs. It was decided to impose a fine of Rs 10,000 on the shopkeepers if they do not stop spitting at the shopkeepers. Following which, the Gujarat Pan Masala Shop Owners Association took an important decision today and said that from tomorrow, masala will not be made live on every pan-masala shop. Customers will be given parcels of pan-masala. Due to which the question of crowd or social distance will also be solved.

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