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Saturday, 10 October 2020

School Reopening News. School Reopening Date, Guidelines Rules in India Gujarat

School Reopening News. School Reopening Date, Guidelines  Rules in India Gujarat 

In the coronavirus in India, schools have been closed for the last eight months. Whose opening time has come close. Yes… Ministry of Education has issued a guideline last Monday to open the school.  The Ministry has directed the states and Union Territories to make arrangements for health, hygiene and safety keeping in view the state of their state. The Ministry has said that the schools should arrange in such a systematic manner that the students can do classes in the school with social distancing.



From October 15, the Ministry of Education issued a guideline to open schools in a gradual manner.Accordingly, there will be no evaluation of children for three weeks. Schools will also have to focus on mental health and emotional safety of students. The school premises have to be completely clean and infection free. Emergency care team has to be made. The children will be called to school only with the written consent of the parents. If students want, they can do online classes instead of coming to school. Depending on the local location of the corona, states can formulate separate standards.

After the Unlock 5 guidelines, many states have made preparations to open schools, but parents do not want to send their children to school. Parents say that it would not be appropriate to send children to school without a vaccine, it would be very unsafe. Parents believe that proper arrangement of social distancing and sanitization is not possible in the school. In such a situation, how right it will be to open schools is still a matter of debate.

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The Union Ministry of Education has issued guidelines regarding opening of schools in the country since October 15 under Unlock 5.0. According to this guideline, after October 15, schools and coaching institutes can be opened in the country in a phased manner. However, the final decision will have to be taken by the respective state governments.

Unlock 5 is starting from October 1 in the country. During this time, the most curious among the people is about the opening of schools and colleges. However, in view of the growing case of Corona, a situation of doubt has arisen regarding the opening of the school-college. Meanwhile, schools have been partially opened in many states of the country from September 21, but school is still closed in most states.  It is expected that the government will set some rules in the Unlock 5.0 Key (School-Colleges Reopen in Unlock5) guidelines to open the school college smoothly, as the school-college has been closed for the past 6 months.

Schools have started on a voluntary basis for students from 9th to 12th class from 21 September.  It is expected to continue in the next month also.  In view of the increasing case of Corona, primary classes are expected to remain closed next month.  This can be continued only through online mode.  In Unlock 5 Guidelines, however, upper class children can be allowed for all classes as before.  Many states have opened schools, while many have kept it closed as a precaution.  On the other hand, universities and colleges have started entrance exams and the new academic year can start through online classes.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines for Unlock 5.  According to the new guidelines (MHA) issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the state and union territories can decide on the reopening of schools and educational institutions after 15 October.  The new guidelines have been issued on the basis of feedback received from states and union territories and extensive consultation with the concerned central ministries and departments.

Earlier, the Center had allowed partial reopening of schools for senior classes from September 21 and many states had reopened schools for classes 9 to 12.  The MHA guidelines allow states and union territories to decide whether to reopen schools and coaching centers and start face-to-face classes.  However, the guidelines also state that "online or distance learning will continue and will be encouraged



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