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Sunday, 24 January 2021

How To Download e-EPIC From

How To Download e-EPIC From

Matter of celebrating National Voters Day-2021 ”(NVD-2021)

Next Date: obligatory directions are certain a propos the preparation of the celebration of "Eleven (11) general Voters' Day" to be celebrated across the country on January 25, 2021, the core niceties of which are as follows:

As apiece the information of the appointment Commission, in demand to celebrate the public Voters' Day-2021, stress has been laid on disseminating an assortment of technological initiatives implemented by the fee to present a mixture of military to the voters during the elections, chiefly during the Koro epidemic. For this, the appointment authority has not compulsory the next a choice of behavior in addendum to the behavior undertaken in the onwards under routine position in association with the celebration of "National Voters' Day" in the state.


All common Voters who say defensible EPIC
25th to 31st Jan 2021: entirely new electors registered
during elite summation revision 2020
1st Feb 2021 onwards: completely broad-spectrum electors

It will be a non-editable make safe portable verify configure (PDF) style of the EPIC (approx. 250 KB) which container be downloaded on mobile or in a self-printable outward appearance on the computer. A voter canister in consequence stockroom the certificate on his mobile, upload it on Digi sideboard or facsimile it and

self-laminate it. This is in adding together to PVC EPIC life issued for unmarked registration

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