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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Government Employees Useful Video – Pension Calculate ,Pay of Promotion Family Pension ,Provisional Pension ,Gratuity Rules

Government Employees Useful Video – Pension Calculate ,Pay of Promotion Family Pension ,Provisional Pension ,Gratuity Rules

Civil Servants Useable Video - Pension Calculation, Pension Family Pension Payment, Temporary Pension, Nonprofit Tax Laws they build a country and make their own dashboard according to their old pension preferences, widow's pension, Disability pension and many other pension related details.

This information or data mainly includes information applicable to general investors such as the current NAV of various fund plans, previous name, changes made to it, percentage or amount of reimbursement at various times, type of scheme, etc., including operating each scheme.

Agents also end up on time. The main staff of Mutual fund makes their customer portfolio details available in the updated or online form, not each program, as customers can see on their website whenever they wish.

In addition to the details of how much growth has taken place, and how their investment form is still being distributed, the various sectors in which the investment is still being offered, can be reviewed by the investor to make his next decision.

All of these services are available to you as an investor-customer at no additional charge. In line with this, the news of the co-operative fund sector also continues to come. After seeing the basic issues related to the combined funds now Mu. Let's understand some of the problems of the fund, which will be very helpful in understanding it.

Respectful request to report any grammatical, mathematical, educational or writing errors in order to improve the reliability of this manual. Blessings to all of us as a teacher who passes all the exams with good marks. There is no greater goal than the entertainment of man, the loser is the one who did not fight.

If you have to pay for your child's college or higher education after three years and are currently investing in it, you should choose a short-term plan. Currency markets are good if you want to invest for a very short time. The Government G-Sec Security Fund will improve on overall security. The Balance Wallet is great if you want a system that balances safety with risk.

Should we expect normal income or high inflation over the long term? Questions like these need to be clear in your mind at the time, as if you are clear when you can choose the right plan. For example, if you are investing in this fund for retirement, you can choose a long-term plan, in which you can choose a plan that aims to balance.

તમામ વિડીયો દ્વારા ખુબજ ઉપયોગી સરસ માહિતી અને માર્ગદર્શન આપવા બદલ માનનીય શ્રી હરેશભાઇ જોષી નિવૃત નાયબ નિયામકશ્રી ( હિસાબ) નો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર સાહેબ.

Useful videos for government employees

પેન્શન અને ગ્રેજ્યુટી ની ગણતરી વિડીયો

બઢતી સમયે પગાર બાંધણી વિડીયો

કુટુંબ પેન્શનની ગણતરી વિડીયો

દૈનિક ભથ્થું કયારે મળવાપાત્ર થાય વિડીયો

કામચલાઉ પેન્શન અને ગ્રેજ્યુટી વિડીયો

કર્મચારીઓ માટે ઉપયોગી પ્રશ્નો અને જવાબ વિડીયો

પેન્શન પાત્ર નોકરી વિડીયો

રજાના પ્રશ્નો વિડીયો

ગુજરાત મુલકી સેવાના નિયમોના પ્રશ્નો વિડીયો

પેન્શન પાત્ર પગાર

ફરજ મોકૂફી દરમ્યાન નિર્વાહ ભથ્થુ

સેવા પોથી સર્વિસ બુક

નોકરીની સામાન્ય શરતો

મકાન પેશગી

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