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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Best e learning apps for school students


Best e Learning Apps for School students

   In situation of covid there is must available app of e learning for all students like college ,school ,nursery ,university ,ITI  etc..because there future are as important as there are many apps available for school students on this plateform,governmental as well as private. So students get confused  at this step that which  was app they choose app perfect for their study. So we suggest here some apps which is best for school students. 


Google classroom





           Government Apps for E Learning






1.Google  classroom


students are you getting bored from submit assignments and homework often?

પ્રથમ સત્ર સામયિક કસોટી ટાઇમ ટેબલ પરીપત્ર 

Don’t worry we are here for you.


it is very usefull app for those students who are got bored from submit their homework and assignments often.


and also its really great solution for teachers. Now they doesn’t  have to give reply to students early . whenever they was free they can reply or give remarks on student’s assignments.

once time students submit their work in google classroom  then never need submit their work again . it doesn’t  go keep secure your information.whenever then will be free to check it they can get information from there.


its totally free for study



it’s dream of many student’s that get admission in top universities such as oxord,Harvard etc.


have you seen a vision to go abroad for study and can’t fullfill it? . so now don’t  worry about it.


edx helps you to fullfill your dream.


edx provides you  all courses of top universities at your home without go anywhere.


professional ceretificate and university credit play very crusial role in your professional  career.


  So don’t let it go, download edx and fullfill your dreams.





when we watch movie or something and that is in other language which is out of our knowledge we got angry and we have to let it.


people who want to learn any language for any pupose and they can’t find any classes who satisfied them they get nervioused.


duolingo is one of them who help them to learn any language.


there are many languages available like English,French,Spanish,japanies,korean etc.....


its like game you are getting more and more information about it by completing levels.


It makes your learning way more attractive and easy.






Mathematics is always become a chalanging subject for many students. And its become a hurdle in student’s future.


so now don’t take tension about it because photomath solve your problems which are related to mathematics.


its very simple to use it.


first you take a photo of question then app will teach you itself step by step very easy and in  attractive way.






The epathshala is a joint enterprice of MoE and NCERT.


it arranges educational resources for teachers ,students,parents,researchers.


its content available in English,hindi,






swayam is programme initiated by Indian government with view of achieve three main principles of education access,equity,quality.


swayam will provide you study material online with free of cost.


six courses are best in swayam for students are academic writing,digital marketing,animations,mathematical  economics,python for data science,early childhood care and education (ECCE).


it provides more than 2,150 courses to students.





this app will help to teachers to create

training content ,profile,connect with teachers,assessment aids.


the app interface is available in English,hindi,urdu.the app interface will be available in 22 indian language.

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