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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Good News For Free Fire Game lovers : Free Fire Max Not Removed From playstore

 Good News For Free Fire Game lovers : Free Fire Max Not Removed From play store 

Following a surprising turn of events, a list comprising of 54 applications restricted in India, containing Free Fire, has been made public. Upon learning of the recent decision, the battle royale game's community is in a state of fully shock.

The fan base is presently speculating about what will happen next, and they have taken to the internet to view if there is any information they can collect.

Moreover , it's worth mentioning that the Max edition of the game was noticeably absent, which direct to some confusion among gamers.

Despite ban of Free Fire, Max variant still obtainable on Play Store in India

Since the publication of the above list, it is fair to assume that the game's start to removal from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store was related to the impending ban.

However, as previously stated, it is notable that the list of restricted applications doesn't contain Free Fire Max. Consumers can still download and enjoy it on the Android platform, as shown in the image below:

This still does not explain why Apple removed this version from the App Store since it is obtainable on the Google Play Store.

Even, gamers have reported that they are able to make in-game purchases in Free Fire Max. This is currently not possible in the regular version because of  the ban, as users are encountering the following error message:

“The item you appealed is not available for purchase.”

However, for the time being, there is complete cloudiness over the future of the Max version. Nothing has been declared from the developers.

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