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Thursday, 7 July 2022

How to secure your android mobile


How To Secure  Your Android Mobile

     In now days, human being may be live without meal one day ,but they can’t live without  their Phone. Smart phone becomes first priority in this Era. so it’s very important to secure their information that is in their phone.


Here we suggest you some Usefull tips for  your Android Mobile security:


Screen Lock

Allow 2 Step Verification

Use Mobile Security Antivirus

Use the Safe Browser

Track Your Lost Mobile

Don’t  Use Public  Free Wi-Fi

Don’t  Use Fake App


1.Screen Lock :

                                Always place pin or password and any lock on your screen to open your Android. By password or PIN  you secure Android . Because  you  only one know this password  there for can’t open your Mobile without password or without your permission.


2.Allow 2 Step Verification:

                                                            If you have gmail account then you can secure your mobile  with this 2 step verification. If you allow 2 step verification in your mobile and in case anybody knew about your password of gmail even  if  he can’t access your account without mobile OTP.


3.use Mobile Security Antivirus:

                                                              Now mostly people have internet service so increase chances of get virus in their phone. So it’s become very important that exist a good antivirus in their Android Mobile. In  nows latest versions of phones are already with default antivirus so they don’t need it.


4.Use the Safe Browser:

                                              Now days our deals with mobile by credit – debit card in shopping is increasing. So it’s very required that we use a safe browser. Goggle chrome is one of them.


5.Track Your Lost Mobile:

                          It’s very important point in Android security that you should always on location in your phone. If in case your phone will be lost ,we can easily find our phone with track our phone’s GPS location.


6.Don’t Use Public Free Wi-Fi:

If you are using free Wi-Fi ,then don’t use

It.  It’s become harmful for your Data. Hackers aim to free Wi-Fi Users immediately.


7.Don’t Use Fack App:

                 In these days some advertiser’s App are work for Purpose of stall information of people if you see any ade like if you install this app ,you will get money .Please don’t install app like these apps for small amount of money.


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