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Thursday, 7 July 2022

top 10 credit cards in India easy to get

 Top credit card to get easy in India


                         Some financial situations are not pre decided . they are not in our hand . we never know and think about them . so we never take more money with us . but ever you think that if they happens with you so what you do then . solve your this question we have a solution and it’s name “ credit card “ .

                        Yes, credit card is very excellent facility to solve your this question . you can go anywhere without any tension with much rupees in your pocket .but think if you have no  credit card and unfortunately something happens with you and you want to get instant credit card , then what will you do ?.



1.HDFC Bank Credit Card :

                          HDFC Bank credit cards are not 100% secure but they are get very instant . once approved , you can purchase online by password protected file of e –card .


Benefits :


e-card is activated till you get physical card and activate at in the near HDFC Bank ATM . it’s big benefit is you can purchase online anything by e- card without physical card .


First 4 month you can enjoy benefit of worth rupees 4000 .



2 . BAJAJ   Finserv  RBL Bank Credit Card :


BAJAJ Finserv is collaborated with RBL Bank to introduce you e – card to fulfil all your requirements of urgent money . Based on cash limit , this super card gives you a loan for 90 days with no processing fee and very small rate of 1.16 % loan .


Benefits  :


Up to 50 days , you will not pay ant interest on ATM card .


This card gives you discounts on accessories , clothes , groceries , and other online shopping .


More than rupees 3000 is can be converted in EMI s .


Every cardholder can get complimentary  of rupees 14000 when they take our health plane .


3. Kotak 811 # Dream different credit card :

                                                                       The Kotak 811 # Dream different credit card is one of the best approval  credit card in India . not only it’s approval process is so simple but it ‘s benefits are also too good .

Benefits :


You can get 500 rupees bonus on spending money 5000 by card in first 45 days .


Similarly , if you spend money rupees 75000 every year ,you can get Cash back of rupees 750.


If You need urgent cash ,it is one of the best option ,because you don’t need to pay interest  on first 48 days .


For every 10000 withdraw , processing fee is 300 .


At a time you can withdraw more than 90%  of overall cash limit .



4. Standard  Chartered Virtual Credit Card :

                                                                      Standard Chartered Virtual is one of the fist who introduce the concept of virtual cards in India .

Probable user can apply for it and after approval they can use it like conventional card . Since there is no need for physical delivery , there is much easy to access money .


Benefits :


the cardholder is entitled to the Standard Chartered 360-degree reward program, which offers exclusive discounts at Taj dining, travel bookings on, Paytm, Ola, Croma, Myntra, Panasonic, and several other places.


5.Simply SAVE SBI Credit Card :

                                                   The State Bank of India has a transparent and very simple and easy process of credit card for their users . Here , simply you should go to SBI Card webpage and apply by your name , location and contact details .



Benefits :


In 30 days of card activation you can get 100 rupees cash back  on withdraw by card .


It’s unique feature is you can get cheque or draft issued against your credit  limit .


The bank also send you a cheque or draft to you at your convenience .





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