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Thursday, 4 August 2022

How To Make Money Selling Photos Through An App

 How To Make Money Selling Photos Through An App

Best Apps To Sell Your Photos

1. 500px

500px app gives both a free and paid subscription. With the free subscription, you obtain free use of their photo marketing platform that has over 13 million members.

The downside with the free subscription is that you can only upload 7 photos a week. They have 3 membership levels above that each allows unlimited uploads and far more customization.

This would be a nice  platform if you plan on testing the waters and don’t want to upload many pictures at a time.

2. Agora Images

One of the best features of the Agora Images app is that you obtain to keep ALL of your earnings. There even aren’t membership or commission fees.

There are various commission levels depending on how high of a rating you get. The levels are a Junior, Advanced, Pro, and Master.

In Agora Images, you aren’t selling the fully rights to the photo one time. You can continue to resell the similar  photo to other businesses.

As you obtain better at taking photos, you’ll sell more, thus getting higher ratings that move you up in rank. Higher rank similar a higher payout.

You can even participate in the app’s photo contests to earn money and even win trips! The contests are known “requests” and are hosted by businesses, brands, and bloggers.

They’ll give particular image requirements for the request and the best photo wins.

3. Bylined

Bylined is a different  app platform whose focus is on User Generated Content or UGC. They partner brands with photographers to make user engaged on-demand photos.

Basically, brands contact Bylined about making a photo contest. The contest obtains sent out to people with the app. You make a photo and get paid by your favorite brands.

4. Dreamstime

The Dreamstime app lets the photographer keep the image copyright. Contributors earn between 25-50% of the income Share.

There are a some  options for selling your photos that can increase your payout. Selling exclusivity rights obtains  a 10% bonus for that image. Those rights can be for one - three years. You can also opt to sell complete rights.

If you sign up as an Exclusive Contributor and don’t sell your images on another platform, you’ll earn a 60% Revenue Share.

Dreamstime does need a $100 accrual before they payout.

5. EyeEm

EyeEm is a network of over 25 million photographers across the world. Similar to other apps, you create money through selling your photos in the marketplace but also with missions from brands.

In the EyeEm marketplace, you keep the copyright and receive 50% of the commission every time the photo sells. The lowest license they sell is $20 a image so you’d earn $10 each time!

This is a non-exclusive marketplace so you can put the similar photos up on multiple sites.

EyeEm’s goal is to make a creative global community so they offer free tutorials and tips to support  you to improve your photography skills.

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