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Saturday, 10 September 2022

3 causes why you may crave salty foods

 3 causes why you may crave salty foods

Top 3 reasons you are craving salt:

1. Stress

Generally, when we are anxious, we start to crave comfort food. Why? It’s because we wish to feel better. And these comforting foods tend to includes a lot of salt and sugar. Therefore, the next time you’re eyeing a bag of chips, it would be prudent to first assess your mood and then think of other stress-relieving activities like  contacting a friend, listening to music or playing your favorite  game.

2. You’re starving yourself

The expert tells, “When you just have salad for a lunch, you’re setting yourself up for collapse in the afternoon and evening. If you go too long without eating, your body will crave the speediest fuel. It can think of refined grains and easy sugars and salt. That’s how starving will direct to salty cravings.” So, eat the proper amount of meals for your body, and you won’t crave salty foods.

3. You crave what you already eat

Cravings for salt are concerned to habits. Your body is likely to have a greater wish for salt if you consume a high-sodium diet because that is what it is accustomed to getting. Decrease your intake of processed and packaged foods to decrease your cravings for salty foods. Your body may become accustomed to consuming less salt as a result, reducing your cravings.

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