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Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Does it take you too long to fall asleep? Try 2 ultimate hacks to sleep fastly

Does it take you too long to fall asleep? Try 2 ultimate hacks to sleep fastly 


Tips on how to fall asleep quicker :



1. Do not keep anything on a your bed


You should not utilize  your phone, laptop or watch TV while staying on your bed mainly  just before sleeping. Dr Bhargava suggests, “Do everything away from the bed and utilize  that bed only to sleep.” Make your bedroom atmosphere comfortable to sleep in.



2. Relax your muscles


Now, when you lie down, begin  with relaxing the muscles of your feet so it feels that they are sinking into the mattress. Then relax your a calf muscles, and then a thighs. Dr Bhargava tells, “Keep relaxing every  muscle group intentionally. So that you are letting it a loose and letting gravity a take over. By the time you reach your head, your entire  body should feel like it is in free fall into your bed.”


Once you approach  this state of bliss, imagine that you’re in a place all alone – just you and your consciousness. This could be deep underwater or also outer space and imagine that you can a breathe there. Let your mind wander into those depths. It will only be a some  minutes until you drift off into a peaceful sleep.



Apart from them, follow these 6 hints  to sleep better:



 Do not take naps in the afternoon, so that you can fall asleep quickly at night.


You should ignore  caffeine and alcohol intake because they can rob your sleep.


Try to stay physically active to stay in shape and healthy so that you can get proper sleep.


Confirm your mattress and pillows support your back and are comfortable.


Do not drink water just before you go to sleep.


Maintain a proper sleep routine such as  go to bed early, wake up early, do not use devices before bed, and keep your room dark and cool.


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