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Saturday, 17 September 2022

Easy steps to avoid daytime sleepiness

Easy steps to avoid daytime sleepiness

1. Have sound sleep at night:

As per  surveys, the major cause of daytime sleepiness is insufficient sleep at night. If you miss also 30 minutes of sleep at night, it will affect your body the next day. Several  adults are deprived of at least 6-7 hours of sound sleep at night, based on scientific research. To get this, you should stay away from utilizing  laptops and phones on your bed at night. Try reading your liked books before sleep. Keep a peaceful environment in your bedroom for the better sleep. You can even  try meditation, a hot bath, or listening to soothing instrumentals before going to the bed at night. To ignore daytime sleepiness you must have sufficient sleep at night.

2. Scheduled a wake-up time for yourself:

Oversleeping is even another reason behind daytime sleepiness. So, Scheduled a time for waking up in the morning. It’s all about habit, practice it and you will be habituated within a some weeks. If you don’t have any work on weekends, sleep an additional hour at that time only.

3. Scheduled a meal time for everyday:

Feeling sleepy is concerned to meal time. There is a time clock inside your body named the circadian cycle which regulates your regular activities. To ignore daytime sleepiness, fix breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner time at first. Even , maintain a gap of 2 hours between your dinner and sleep. This will detain you from getting lethargic even.

4. Drink a cup of a tea or coffee:

Feeling a sluggish from the morning? Drink a cup of a coffee or tea immediately. It will give you with the required energy increase to avoid daytime sleepiness. Caffeine, a natural stimulant, got from tea or coffee, activates your brain functioning and increases performance.

5. Do not eat heavily during a lunchtime:

As a rule, people suffer from daytime sleepiness after a meal in the afternoon. To ignore this, stay away from sugary foods or drinks, or heavy food items. Remember, if you eat more carbohydrates at lunch, you will a feel more sleepy in the afternoon.

6. Keep a working in a brighter place always:

If have the choice , chose a place near the window in your office. The more sunlight you obtain , the less sleepy you will feel. Sunlight gives energy and alertness to work.

7. Other choices to avoid daytime sleepiness:

When you are a feeling sleepy, take a break from your work and go for a walk. It might sound impractical, but walking to the washroom and sprinkling a cold water on your face is possible. Cold water creates you stay awake for a long time. You can try easy desk exercises to ignore sleepiness.

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