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Thursday, 15 September 2022

Want to decrease your sugar levels in just 15 days? Here are some pocket-friendly tips for a diabetics

Want to decrease your sugar levels in just 15 days? Here are some pocket-friendly tips for a diabetics


Tips to decrease sugar levels

1. Ignore a sedentary lifestyle

One should engage in daily 40-minute movements which can contain walking, cycling, cardio or yoga. Supplementing this with 20 minutes of breathwork (Pranayama) will even help. Staying active and not having a lazy lifestyle is extremely vital for diabetes management. It can support you to increase blood circulation, thereby delivering enough oxygen to every cell in your body, stimulating liver detoxification, and aiding in the proper  release of insulin.

2. Say no to these foods

Keep white sugar, maida, curd and gluten out of a your diet. Unprocessed food is the best choice for you, and so consuming natural sugar from fruits and vegetables is permitted . The expert advises, however, that cow milk and ghee can be consumed in moderation. But the best thing you can do to your diet is to substitute wheat consumption with millets such as Jowar, Ragi and Amaranth.

Certain diet patterns like  Mediterranean, vegetarian, and low carb, plant-based, have been shown to be more effective at maintaining proper blood sugar levels. In order to ignore a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels, you must ignore unhealthy foods and maintain a balanced diet.

3. No to late a dinner

Your food timings can play a important role in helping you to control diabetes. Having early dinner is one of the simplest ways to reduce your sugar levels also  the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is best to have dinner before the sunset. If your work schedule doesn’t permit it, at least try to have dinner before 8 p.m.

4. Don’t sleep right after a meals

A lot of person have a habit of falling asleep right after eating a heavy meal. This daytime sleep can wreak havoc on a your health, mainly for people with high sugar levels. Dr Sleeping during the day improves more Kapha-Dosha in the body, and diabetes or Madhumeha in Ayurveda is considered as a Kapha disease which directs to high sugar levels in blood. That is even one reason people suggest you to have an early dinner so that there is a comfortable gap of 3 to 4 hours between your dinner and sleep time.

5. Don’t just depend on the anti-diabetic medicines

Not following a healthy routine and depending truly on anti-diabetic medicines can damage your liver and kidney at a young age. Following the aforementioned lifestyle changes are extremely vital. Even, merely depending on your medicines can even make you more prone to cardiovascular diseases.

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