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Saturday, 29 October 2022

5 Simple Ways To Treat The Skin Apart Using Skincare Products


When Did You Change Your Bed Linen?

Strange but true that your unchanged bed sheet could be a breeding grounding for bacteria. It keeps collecting dead skin cells, sweat, saliva and becomes an infection nest which has a direct implication on skin and hair health. It causes breakouts and allergies if the sheets aren’t changed frequently.

Are You Careful When Out In The Sun? 

While we’d love to love tan lines and sun-bathing like people from the west, it’s certainly not for us. Sun damage is real and even though you are particular about applying sunscreen, limiting sun exposure is recommended. However, that doesn’t mean we are suggesting against soaking in some sun and getting your daily dose of vitamin D, the idea is to avoid the harsh sun and limiting exposure.

Wash Your Face with Cold or Lukewarm Water

Even in winters, if possible, do not put hot water on your face. Use cold or lukewarm water only. Washing the face with hot water melts the essential oils naturally present in our skin, stripping the skin of moisture. Also, washing the face with lukewarm water helps in proper cleansing of the skin.

Do You Find Time To Work Out?

We know it all sounds (too) ideal – work pressure and deadlines, managing the house, and juggling way too many roles to strike a balance – there’s no time to exercise. However, there’s no alternative to it, period. About 15-30 minutes of exercise, in any form of workout, thrice a day is enough which counts for 45 minutes to one hour a week for self-care – is it too much to do for yourself? It helps regulate hormones which in turn helps manage stress and release toxins. Worth a try, isn’t it?

Are You Taking Your Vitamins?

Are you taking a proper nutritious diet three times a day? Is your protein intake good? Are you working out regularly? Are you hydrated? While many of us struggle with crippling mental health, incapability to manage stress, and monster deadlines, it’s tough to keep up with most basic things. However, good health can be a good support while you figure out bigger issues in life. This is just a reminder to take your supplements and vitamins especially if your daily meal isn’t in place.

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