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Monday, 3 October 2022

Bridal Eye Makeup Looks Ideas For Weddings

Bridal Eye Makeup Looks Ideas For the Weddings

Natural Glam

No issue  your eye shape or skin tone, you can’t go wrong with a feathered neutral brown eye shadow all over the eye and full, fluffy brows and lashes. For an added drama, place the darkest color in the outer corner of the eye below and into the crease. Add a pop of light brown shimmer in the center of the lid for few  sparkles.

Bring Drama

For something a little much intense and dramatic, go for a dark matte look. Trace the upper and lower lash lines with a matte pencil, a smudging it out at the outer corners. Skip the shimmer if you wish to keep this look sultry and smokey, or add a pop of highlight to the inner corner to highlight and accentuate that part and for a little bit of sparkle.


The dark and dreary days are coming to an end and the sunshine is creating its long-awaited return. With this, we’re ready to put a pause on a sultry smokey eyes and trade them in for brighter, fresher looks. There’s no better tip to brighten up your eyes than by adorning them in a pastel color with a shimmery finish that catches the light nice. One of the great parts of wearing pastels is that the colors are a statement all on their own, meaning you can choose for a simple method and still come out with an eye-catching look. Sweep a fair, frosty shade all over your a lids and be sure to blend some into your inner corners to make your eyes pop also more.

Soft & Smokey

If you’re searching for a wedding eye makeup look that feels dramatic but still soft and romantic, take a cue from this beautiful bride when it comes to an eye shadow placement. By placing the darker shadow on the very outer corners and keeping the rest of her look very simple, it adds depth without looking too a dark or heavy.


Say ‘I do’ with this effortless eye look that creates light eyes pop. Easily darken the upper lash line with a matte shadow or pencil and buff it out with a small pencil brush. Load up on mascara, adding a nice amount to the lower lashes to add balance and provide that doe-eyed effect. Dark, full lashes against a natural makeup look will never go out of a style. We like the way this effortless look complement’s the bride’s features.


This is a beautiful look for a sunset outdoor ceremony. A stunning smokey eye feels grounded and a natural by utilizing neutral earth tones and keeping the smoke included to the outer corner of the eyes. A nude pink lip finishes this natural, flawless face.

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