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Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Here's How Papaya Can Help You Lose Weight!

How to follow the papaya diet


A diet should ideally begin right from the first meal of the day. Have a glass of diluted almond milk or oatmeal water, which will provide you enough fiber for the day. Take a thirty -minute break and eat a papaya salad. This is a nutritious and healthy way to begin  your day. Follow this breakfast routine for both the 1st and 2nd day.


On the 1st day, eat whole grain salad including tomatoes, spinach, olives, garlic with some salt and lemon over it. You can pair this with a rice. After this, have a glass of a papaya juice. On the 2nd day, you can have some baked vegetable such as eggplant accompanied by spinach. Drink a glass of a papaya juice later.

Mid-day snack

Take medium-sized papaya and cut it into 2 pieces. Take half the papaya and 2  slices of pineapple and blend them together to form a smooth mixture. Have a this smoothie as a snack. This will keep you fuller for longer and will stop you from beginning.


Make one bowl of vegetable broth with lemon juice, celery and onions. Have it with a bowl of papaya, which can even work as a dessert. On the 2nd  day, have some light dinner (zucchini) accompanied by a big bowl of diced papaya.

Papaya seeds and weight loss

Though this might surprise you it's true that also papaya seeds can aid you lose weight. Not only this, but these small black seeds even have some other benefits like eliminating toxins from your body, saving your liver if you are suffering from liver cirrhosis, protecting your kidneys if suffering from a kidney troubles.

Most vitally, papaya seeds have the ability to detain your body from absorbing fat. You can consume 8 to 10 seeds of papaya as pills or in paste form. But this should be a done in the morning. You can combine them with a glass of grapefruits which is also better.

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