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Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Run vs dance: What to choose if you want to lose weight?



Dancing is not only fun, but is even a great workout to lose weight. To maintain optimal health, one requires to do a 30-minute workout every day. But when one wishes to lose weight then they either have to improve their intensity or increase the amount of time they exercise. Seeing what goes inside your mouth is what goes without saying. One requires to restrict their calorie intake in order to make a calorie deficit, which is the 1st step to lose weight.

Few factors that determine your calorie burn are not in your hand. Age and body composition are 2 such factors. The faster you dance, the many calories you burn. Different kinds of dance aid you burn different number of calories in the same amount of time. A ballet dance class can aid you burn twice the calories as a contemporary dance class does.

The right intensity, music, steps and a well-monitored diet can aid a person burn 400 calories during 1 hour of dancing. People with higher body mass index can lose up to 2 to 3 pounds in a week. However, people with lower BMIs or of older age may lose only 1  to 1.5 pounds in a week by dancing.

Dancing is a full body workout and the music often creates your feet tap on their own. So, doubtless , what can be better than dancing to lose weight.


Running does not work for several when it comes to weight loss. But when done in the right way with the needed intensity, nothing can be better than running. It is a high-intensity exercise that aids one burn calories even after they have finished. The resting energy expenditure stays elevated also after a running session, which aids you burn more calories.

Variety is the key. A mix of simple , fast tempo and interval runs is another way to burn calories and build muscles.

While running for weight loss, one must keep in mind not to an overeat. Few people feel if they are doing a physical activity then they can eat as much as and anything they wish as they are eventually burning it away. But if one wishes to lose weight, this should not be done. One should eat moderately so that a calorie deficit is a formed.

For longer runs, one surely needs to fuel themselves in order to maintain the electrolyte balance of their body. For a run of less than 60 minutes, you just require to take sips of water in between, but for a run longer than that, one should have an energy drinks.

If a human runs at a speed of 5 miles per hour then he/she will burn around 476 calories. That is quite close to what a person burns while dancing for 1 hour.


The selection is yours as they both are similar when it comes to number of calories burnt. But one should always select to do the activity that interests them. If you do something you don't love, sooner or later you will stop doing it.

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