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Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Lack of sleep can make you sick; try these proven tips for a good night's sleep


01 Try to sleep and wake at consistent times

The body’s circadian rhythm aligns itself with a sunrise and sunset. Circadian rhythms carry out necessary functions and processes of the body and are part of the body’s internal clock. So, selecting to get to sleep closer to sunset and waking up closer to sunrise can increase your sleep quality and permit your body to function better.

If your sleep cycle is too messy, you can begin by fixing the sleeping and waking up time and slowly aligning them around sunset and sunrise. Permit yourselves the time – couple of weeks – to reset your sleep-wake time, as initially it can feel tough to go to bed early or wake up early.

02 Exercise everyday

Exercise is one of the best ways to increase your sleep. It can even decrease symptoms of insomnia. Research has found that exercise can decrease time to fall asleep by 55%, total night wakefulness by 30%, and anxiety by 15%. It can also improve total sleep time by 18%.

Another study in older adults found that exercise nearly halved the amount of time it took them to fall asleep and also given 41 more minutes of sleep at night. Confirm you do not exercise closer to bedtime as you may feel too active and alert to fall asleep.

03  Optimize your bedroom environment for sleep

One of the best ways to stimulate sleep is to train your brain with the fact that the bed is only for sleeping. This means that you should not be eating or working or studying on a your bed. When you go to your bed all night only for sleeping, you will fall asleep quicker as your mind now knows that this place is designated only for sleep.

Numerous studies point out that external noise such as traffic can cause poor sleep and long-term health issues.

Apart from this, dimming light, setting a cool temperature, relaxing music, and a clean environment can encourage relaxation and put you in a peaceful sleep.

04 Relax and clear your mind before bedtime

Several people are unable to sleep due to  their racing or anxious thoughts. If you are working late till night, it can be tough to immediately go to a peaceful sleep as your mind was just actively working. Winding down consciously by having a pre-sleep routine can aid you relax.

Relaxation methods before bed are another common technique used to treat insomnia. A study found that relaxing massage increased sleep quality in people who were ill. You can even read a book, practice meditation, deep breathing, and a pre-bed skincare routine to aid you relax for a deep sleep.

05 Check for a sleep disorder

If you have a sleep disorder, it can get tough to fix your sleep schedule by yourself and you may need doctor prescribed medication to increase your sleep problems. One such common matter is sleep apnea, in which people have difficulty breathing during sleep, which outcomes in an interrupted sleep pattern.

Other common medical issues with sleep contain sleep movement disorders and circadian rhythm sleep/wake disorders. It is best to consult your doctor for perfect treatment in such cases.

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